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Review | DOMKE | F2 Original Camera Bag

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What's In My Bag: Featuring the X-E4 and Domke F-803

My first What's In My Bag video for 2021, and this time I'm featuring the limited edition Domke/Fujifilm F-803 shoulder bag. I've had this bag since 2018 and it's one of my favourite bags to use on my days off when I'm running around and doing chores with my wife. For this particular day I decided to use a strap and carry the new Fujifilm X-E4 around my neck as I had some images I really wanted to get, but everything else was thrown into this little-big bag. Here are links to the items I mention in the video. Some links are missing as the items are discontinued:

Fujifilm X-E4 kit with XF27mm f/2.8 R WR:
Fujifilm X-E4 thumb grip:
Fujifilm X-E4 hand grip:
Domke F-803 Fujifilm Ltd Ed:
Domke F-803 (non-Fujifilm):
Clever Supply Minimal Anchor Leather Strap:
Ekster Parliment Wallet:
Aputure MC Light:
Litra Torch 2.0:
Synco WAir-G1-A2 Wireless Microphone:
Chome Dopp Kit (black):
YB PUTRO wrist strap:

*I was wearing Mexican Fashion brand cap and Reigning Champ t-shirt
**Shot on iPhone 11 in 4K 24FPS and edited on iMovie


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Which Domke bag to get?

In this video, I will talk about my experience with three different Domke bags – the F2, F-3x and F-803.

I have made a separate, detailed video on how I use my Domke F2-bag and what's I have in it.
Here is a link:

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My website for portraits:


A brief background
You are probably already familiar with the history. But here it is anyway.
It all started 1976 with the American photojournalist Jim Domke, who at the time worked for an American newspaper. Always lugging around photo equipment, he was not happy with what was on offer on the market. So he attempted to make his design.
After using a prototype of his new design during a convention in Kansas City, Jim finalized his creation into the F2.

My view
Many people relate to these as the Land Rover of camera bags.
'No-frills' is a phrase that comes to mind. And in this case, it is true.

Finding the perfect camera bag for all situations is quite unlikely. Most photographers will tell you how many bags they've had and how they are still searching for the one that satisfies all their needs. No bag can cover all your needs, and you will probably end up with a particular bag for one specific situation, although you will most likely end up with a favourite.

Let's be frank. You can use pretty much anything to hold your camera gear. A heavy-duty shopping bag from the supermarket works just fine. For a short while anyway. Or if you have a small camera with a fixed lens, why need a bag at all? I stuff down my small Fuji X100F in the pocket of my coat or whatever.

With two cavernous end pockets and a couple a smaller pocket at the front and back, plus - of course - the main compartment, the F2 holds a lot of gear. The bag itself is not heavy, but with all the gear inside, it can be.

My view on a camera bag is this:
The camera gear is to be used, not cossetted away in a highly padded bag sealed in with a multitude of zips and flaps, making it a mission every time you want to take a photo.
I want to be able to drop the bag right there on the dirt-road or gravel or on the ice without being too worried, that it will ruin a crisp patina.

The F2 my first choice from the Domke brand. Now I have two more.




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